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What Makes Us tHRive?

Our team of diverse specialists has a broad history and background in the HR space. Continue reading to learn more about what makes us special!

Transforming HR, Transforming Your Business

Welcome to Thrive HR, where we are dedicated to empowering businesses through exceptional human resource solutions. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of HR, ensuring your organization thrives.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Our personalized approach ensures that you receive the support and guidance needed to create a thriving workplace. Dive into our story and learn how we can help your organization achieve its full potential.

The team that helps you tHRive !

Everything has a beginning

How tHRive came to be...

It all began here...
It all began here... 1989

It all began here...

Ray Mitchell started his career with no idea that he'd one day found an HR Consulting organization that would impact companies around the US! With humble beginnings as an HR Generalist, he began a career that would eventually lead to an organization with nation-wide reach!

Business Planning
Business Planning 2017

Business Planning

tHRive wasn't formed overnight. Ray Mitchell worked with various companies and businesses forming relationships, preparing business partnerships and paving the way for what would soon be, tHRive!

Founding 2020


Everyone has to start somewhere! tHRive started amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Assisting companies with the various changes that shook our world, tHRive was able help it's client's do more than survive, they tHRive'd!

Growth! 2021


What started as a plan evolved into a success! By 2021 tHRive had not only helped it's clients through the beginning of the pandemic, we had grown our business significantly!

Next Steps
Next Steps 2022

Next Steps

With another amazing year, tHRive grew yet again. It was time to hire! tHRive hired its first two employees: Kylie as an HR Consultant and Andrew as its COO.

tHRive Moves
tHRive Moves 2023

tHRive Moves

tHRive's team was growing and its client base even more so. By late 2023 tHRive was ready for a new office. 9900 Shelbyville Road became home to tHRive!

New Offerings!
New Offerings! 2024

New Offerings!

Growth, growth and more growth! tHRive hires its first full-time Talent Acquisition Specialist, brings on a host of new clients, and creates SMB-focused HR Service Packages to support the backbone of America: small and medium-sized businesses!

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